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Nightmare Nightcap

       Wicked Wolf Films very own original series, “Nightmare Nightcap”.

Nightmare Nightcap UPDATE: Dread Central and Ghost Tribe Entertainment have picked up this series and are developing a fresh take on the series including skits between “Gore Whore” and various infamous serial killers such as Freddy Kruger and Leatherface. Here are some photos from the series reboot:

Leatherface gives you a new face

Leatherface gives you a new face




"Zombie Therapy"

“Zombie Therapy”



vanessa gomez gore whore nightmare nightcap

Hot Tub dip with Jason, Mike and Ghostface


Welcome to the world of Horror and Gore as host Vanessa Gomez brings you news, reviews and inside information on todays most horrific topics. From horror films to Halloween activities Vanessa uncovers it all in this brief series. So grab a hot cup of joe and keep all hands and feet inside your coffins while you enjoy the ride.

Brought to you by host: Vanessa Gomez


Nightmare NIghtcap Premiere


Nightmare Nightcap “Halloween Delight”


Nightmare Nightcap- Check into “The Bates Motel”


Nightmare Nightcap- America’s Favorite Horror Story


Nightmare Nightcap- ScareLa Edition


Nightmare Nightcap- Evil Dead Head to Head


Nightmare Nightcap- Sincerely Insidious

Nightmare Nightcap- Mask of Mortality


Nightmare Nightcap- Takes Carrie to Prom