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As Above So Below, my expectations

as-above so below


I was excited when seeing the trailer of this film based around the mystery of the infamous catacombs in Paris. I got to the theater ready f0r a private underground creepy tour of the world’s most haunted city’s epicenter…well thats not what I got. The found footage was so over used it was hard to watch. The movie made the mistake of trying to incorporate too many themes. It’s a found footage film, “based on true elements”, supernatural thriller, mythology based script and dialogue, oh and haunted pasts tormenting the living. All while trying to figure out what you were looking at with a shaky camera point of view. This movie was a great example of how you can’t judge a film based on it’s trailer.

“Deliver us from Evil”-Does it?

deliver us from evil


Here we are with yet another exorcism based on a true story movie. Only with a twist, with a new york police officers point of view. I saw the trailer for this film and thought, hmm looks like it might be good, then again I have been betrayed by trailers before (devil inside). I did like the different point of view from the beginning. Not some strange family that lives in the sticks being attacked/possessed by some random demonic entity. Their was a solid story that you could follow throughout the film without getting lost. I feel like sometimes horror films are so obsessed with being different and having unguessable twists that it ends up sending the audience through a ride which they’re not even sure where they are. You know exactly what’s going on in the film. It was shot very “Fincher-esque” so it did have some beautiful morbid moments and shots. The graphics were decent, not anything I would jump up and down about but not bad so it’s distracting to the scenes. Not happy they kept dissing cats through the film being an owner of 3, but they did use a lot of “doors” songs and references so that was cool and unique. Overall, not a bad film. If you like possession films this is definitely for you. Or just a supernatural junkie you will dig it. I liked it but I don’t think it’s a “have to watch again” for me.

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Nightmare Nightcap has a new home at Dread Central

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 5.13.25 PM nightmare nightcap main poster copy


I’m very pleased to announce that Wicked Wolf Films very own horror series “Nightmare Nightcap” has been picked up and will be distributed by the infamous “” So from here on any future and new episodes can be watched on their youtube channel. Follow the link and subscribe now!


“You’re Next” – Next big franchise?


Initially I saw this movie trailer while watching “The Conjuring” and it intrigued me off the bat. However, my interpretation from the trailer was that people were wearing animal masks and “hunting” humans the way humans hunt animals. I was like cool, animal revenge film where they strike back and have human heads mounted above their dens in the forest, sign me up! It was however, a very different movie. First off hats off to the indie film makers who had this film in festivals for years before scoring distribution through Lionsgate for a theatrical release. Now it was, as I said, not the film I thought it was going to be but none the less still entertaining. The plot was strong, a massacre of an entire family was unfolding before our eyes, and even though the did do the dreadful “cut aways” durig the murders I normally don’t like they did feature in depth post mortal shots that were cool. Horror + any sort of mask = halloween costume success, so kudos for the marketing front. My favorite part? That a female was ultimately the victim turned villain and basically killed ass and took names, The cons? A few times the music sounded video-gamey and at a certain point it felt like a throw back to “Home Alone”. Ending was solid, surprises and gore to the last shot and open for sequels to come. So overall a good film for new film makers coming out the gate.

“The Conjuring” Conquered after all




Well well well, James Wan has done it again. As a true Wan fan myself I have to say I was very excited to see this film particularly because it is based on the real events of 2 infamous paranormal investagators (Ed and Lorraine Warren). I noticed the people exiting the movie theater were torn between having loved it, or thinking it was too slow paced and not enough “horror”. Well first off, when doing a film based on true events you never want to “over do” so much so that the real story gets lost in the graphics and scare tactics. I think Wan was respectful in trying to keep balance between what really happened and movie theater entertainment. If you really think about it, and put yourself in that family’s shoes, it is terrifying! The thought of a home having a room full of demonic treasures is scary enough let alone the experiences the  Perron family had to encounter in their home. No this was not a slasher film where every corner you turned let to a bloody end, but it was not supposed to be either. It did so well at the box office that they are already planning a sequel, you can count on my tickets!

Crossing FX’s “The Bridge”

the bridge fx


I’m pleased to see horror has gone main stream with a bountiful amount of new horror programs on television. As you know by watching my show “Nightmare Nightcap”,  I do love FX’s “American Horror Story”. All though to me AHS stands above and beyond all terrifying television, “The Bridge” is off to an excellent start. The concept is easy, crimes on the bridge between Mexico and Texas, who has territory? It stars a cold hearted psychopathic tendencies detective played by Diane Kruger. So far the diaglogue is good but I’m waiting for some gore to come in play. Yes they show some morgue and medical examiner scenes with cut up bodies but it’s done very scientifically, where’s the crime scene re-enactments? Hope they step it up in this department because I already have “The Bates Motel” for good story and dialogue, I need my “gore-whore” fix!

Spotlight on “The Collection” Series

This month we spotlight the Horror Film Series, “The Collector” and “The Collection” which is currently in theaters. To hear what Vanessa has to say about this this new horror franchise tune in to Wicked Wolf Film’s original series, “Nightmare Nightcap” for all of the details.






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